Our Roots



Our journey is defined by a heritage that’s as rich and vibrant as the materials we use, but it’s a past that doesn’t hold us back. What hasn’t changed is our love of all things beautiful. We’re fascinated by shape, colour, touch and technique; however we continually evolve, change and challenge ourselves to ensure we excite our customers. As important, we always remember to treat those who make our stunning creations with the respect they so richly deserve.

By making the exotic accessible, we’ve taken our place on the fashion stage. We’ve stood by what we believe in and continued to delight our customers for 41 years – meaning we’re not simply surviving on the high street, we’re thriving. Unique products, memorable customer service experiences and acting responsibly are all part of our winning formula for growth. And the driving forces behind our success are our artisans around the world, our suppliers and you.

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